Payment Problems was where I began my adventure in the online gambling world. They were one of the first, and only, Mac online poker sites to have a stable poker software for Macintosh users. They used to affiliates such as ourselves immediately by Neteller, but this is not the case anymore.

Once the UIGEA of 2006 piggybacked itself onto the SAFE Port Act and got into law, payment processors began dropping like flies, including Neteller. Now, because used to send payments via Neteller to us, and Neteller shut all US member account down, we began having problems. I requested to receive paper checks via mail so I could take them to the bank and cash them. However, the check processing service that decided to use ( doesn’t send “real” checks. Rather, they send “collection notes” which involve major processing fees and major processing time (4-6 weeks).

Many US affiliates have notified of this problem, however, they refuse to come up with a viable solution. Week after week they claim that they are attempting to find a solution, but nothing comes from this.

So, with that being said, I regret to announce that Pokeraffiliate brands, which include,, and, will be removed from our network until payment is received. The tardiness and unwillingness of to find a real solution is unacceptable, and we refuse to keep paying advertisers money to promote rooms that don’t pay for the exposure in which they are receiving on the Mac Poker Network.

Highstakesreport Down

Unfortunately, there has been a dispute over the copyright of some software being used at We are working dillegently to resolve this dispute, as we do in fact hold a valid license for the software in question, and hope to have back up and running soon.

Thank you for your continued patience and we expect to be back up not later than Tuesday evening.

Join Our Private $500 Added Tournament at Pacific Poker

Yes, it’s that time again… time to play in the private Pacific Poker tournament hosted by Mac Poker Online. This time, we’ve added $500 to the pot for all of our players. Here are the details about the tournament:

Pacific Poker Tournament’s Name

Mac Poker $500 Added

Pacific Poker Tournament’s Date and Time:

Sunday, June 2nd, 2007, Time: 15:00 PPT (Pacific Poker Time)

Buy in:


Eligible players:

All Pacific Poker players that opened account through Mac Poker Online. New depositors get $25 extra on top of the regular sign up bonus by signing up through Mac Poker Online.

Announcing Our Top Client

It is with much delight that I inform you that has achieved something that no other program has been able to. They have remained the program with the highest integrity, best support, and most friendly staff since 2005, and continue to impress.

So this is a simple “thank you” to all of you from Doing business has been the pleasure of the Mac Poker Network and we hope to continue to benefit each other in this competitive industry.

Making Logos

Over the past week, we’ve been working with a designer to create logos for High Stakes Report and the Mac Poker Network. The job is coming along smoothly, but we are so picky and there are too many great designs being presented for us to choose! Anyways, after this, we will be opening up a store for each website and will be offering our visitors the opportunity to purchase branded merchandise from each store.

Updating Redirect Links

I have been working hard on changes all of the links on every one of the Mac Poker Websites so that they point to the right place. After years of links changing over and over, I’ve decided that it would be best to just have all of the sites link to this site, and then be redirected. So far, High Stakes Report has been finished, Mac Poker Online is nearly done, and the others are waiting to be finished.

One thing that I did notice while I was doing this was that some links just plain didn’t work. I do realize that companies such as Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet have warned of changing links, but I do not ever recall receiving a message from PlayShare that their links would be changing. When I checked the PlayShare links, they just plain didn’t work AT ALL.

If you are part of an affiliate program, please make sure that you contact affiliates to let them know that links will be changing. Also, keep the old links working for as long as possible. I would give at least 3 months notice before removing the old servers, but I think that 6 months would be better. Lazy people like myself don’t check out links every month, or even every 3 months.


Welcome to the Mac Poker Network business site. This is our first post, but we will be updating this site with more business related information regarding our network. Please contact us with any questions you may have.